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Laboratory Information Management System Reaches
Quality Management Requirements

BTLIMS (USA) is a Microsoft Windows, network-based LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) designed to enable laboratories to manage complex processes while maintaining compliance with the Good Automated Laboratory Practices and international (ISO/IEC 17025, NELAC, AIHA, CLP, GLP) quality management systems requirements. With inherent flexibility and scalability, BTLIMS may be easily configured to match the dynamic processes of a variety of laboratory sciences (environmental, industrial hygiene, manufacturing/production, power, failure analysis/forensics, marine monitoring, mold, spore and asbestos, microbiology, agriculture) and is able to consolidate diverse business processes into a single, compliant platform within a comprehensive data management system.

BTLIMS is based on the .NET framework for its front end and Microsoft SQL Server for its database and has adapted a multiple-tier architecture. BTLIMS is an off-the-shelf, modular LIMS that allows the end-user the ultimate ability to pick and choose the configuration that works for their laboratory. Our talented staff covers the gamut from former laboratory personnel to programmers allowing the client to be able to talk both conceptually and practically in terms of laboratory procedure and IT concerns. BTLIMS has three world-wide offices in the USA, India and China to best meet our clients' needs.