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CHINA LAB, an national authoritative Exhibition, leading in the area of Apparatus for Analysis & Testing and Laboratory equipment, have been visited by more than 50% national distributor of apparatus, chemical reagent and related products, who observe and purchase the desired products on the Exhibition. Nevertheless the exhibit-traders and end customers, visiting CHINA LAB, can hardly find direct contact to these distributors due to short of exhibition position for most of them.

n the mean time when manufactures plan to develop their distributors’ network, or the end customers want to purchase the desired articles, they might be confused between numerous distributors with their promotion on this market. For a better service for the manufacturers and customers we will organize a “Club of Golden Distributor” during the Exhibition CHINA LAB 2014, the organizing committee will invite the well-known distributors of this industrial area to join this Club. The distributors who join our Club and match the conditions will be subsidized by CHINA LAB, beside, they can obtain, the travelling allowance and free accommodation, participate forums during the exhibition and receive exquisite gifts.


There are 3 ways to register your participation


1.Fill out the attached form 1 and email it to

2.Go to official WeChat (Weixin) of CHINA LAB (search public account “china_lab”) and reply with “distributor + your name + mobile phone number”.

3.Fill out the attached form 1 and fax it to 020-83549078.

Member Services

1.Be listed in the Distributor Catalogue, published by CHINA LAB, without charge

2. 2 nights free hotel during the Exhibition (for Non-Guangdong members only. “Jinjiang Star Hotel” or equality at the discretion of Organizing Committee according to site conditions)

3.The Organizing Committee CHINA LAB assists the Club member to meet his aimed manufacturers for an effect business.


Number of Company-Members (1-2 persons pro company) of our Club are limited to the first 100 registered participants, the list of Club members will be published at the CHINA LAB website

Hereby we invite numerous distributors to join our “Club of Golden Distributor” of CHINA LAB and to enjoy the success on CHINA LAB which our Club surely guarantees for you! You can contact us also under the phone 86-10-84556695.


November 2013





Attachment 1

CHINA LAB 2014 经销商俱乐部报名表
Registration Form of Golden Distributor Club, CHINA LAB 2014
姓名 Name   职务 Position  
公司名称 Company   电话 Phone  
手机MB   邮箱Email  
    感兴趣的产品:1.___________   2.____________  3.____________   4._______________
    Products of interest
    希望见到的企业:  1.___________   2.____________  3.____________   4______________
    Companies want to contact